The Catholic School of Discipleship
is accepting applications for the new
school year starting this February 2015

Since the John Paul II Bible School closed its doors in Radway, a steady steam of students from Western Canada have travelled "down under" to do a year of Catholic formation in New Zealand. The Catholic Discipleship College was directly modelled after the John Paul II Bible School and offers a similar program.

Perhaps it may seem a long way to travel, but there are advantages to moving away from the familiar places and people, to look afresh at our walk with God and see our lives in new perspectives. We invite you, or someone you know to GIVE A YEAR TO GOD and to...

...the New Zealand countryside There is, of course, a tremendous need for schools such as this - so please keep this Discipleship School in your prayers. We are living in very serious times and we increasingly need to listen to the Holy Spirit to live as we should. We need to support Fr Neil Vaney and this school. New Zealand is a small country and they need donations to continue this work.

students at CDC

Students from Catholic School of Discipleship in New Zealand on a pilgrimage.
We have received a letter addressed to friends and graduates of the John Paul II Bible School, from Fr Neil Vaney, the Principal of the school.

Letter from Fr Neil Vaney

Catholic Discipleship College Video


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