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After twenty-five years, the Radway facility of the John Paul II Bible School has closed and will not be offering any courses.

    Back in June 2009 we celebrated our 25th anniversary in Radway. Our keynote speaker, Jim Murphy, gave a talk tracing the early history of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, relating the well known Rome prophecies to present day circumstances and to events surrounding the Jewish exile into Babylon. Enjoy!
                                     God bless!

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...also a talk by Jim Murphy on Evangelization
...and some talks by (former chaplain) Fr Clair Watrin

Here is an interesting and widely circulated video of a message sent by Pope Francis to the Kenneth Copeland conference. The Pope's friend Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer made the video on his iPhone.

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"Pig Roast"
An *informal*, catered, social gathering for all graduates (and families) of the John Paul II Catholic Bible School.

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